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It can't end!
I don't want it to end!
I just love the way you draw so much!
Awwww! He's such an adorable stalker.
Oh my oh my, what will happen next? I am soooo curious!
They make such a sweet couple!
Awwww he is so sweeeeeet! ♥
Just take that blindfold offf!
I like how this isn't a typical yaoi.
The last page did surprise me but I still find it very interesting. And Keani is adorable with legs.
I love the updates!You got me soooo curious about that door!
Poor Tommy. I don't like Eila's mother.
I was shocked to see Romanian there, but it's so funny. What he said is actually: "Stupid little finger child. defined article bitch better to hit you in the ballet". I found that so funny.
" Tâmpit puşti, căţeau mai bine te-a lovit în bile/mingi/ouă" should be more accurate.
How come Tommy knows Romanian?