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Central North Carolina Ghostbusters is a fan group and is not associated with the creators and copyright holders of "Ghostbusters."

The original characters' names and likenesses are based on actual real people and are © William Boyer, Tommy Gray, Amanda Gray, Phil Hutchins, and Preston Pepper.

"Ghostbusters" is © Sony, Columbia Pictures. Originally created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

No copyright infringement intended.

To see other works by William Boyer and the MiloTeam Studios group, please visit the following links:
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Boyer of CNCGB
Wow, you've actually posted a new page! I was really excited, so it's too bad this isn't the start of some more consistant activity and updates. :-)

If I hadn't have been trying to find SadJason's old games, I would not have checked your webcomic today. What ever happened to that Apocalypse fan game anyway? That one incomplete level left me drooling. Anyway, have a great day.
Early Release
I decided to go ahead and post the complete pages of issue #1 now, instead of waiting until issue #0 was complete. Why not? They're already online in other galleries as well.
Boyer here! This page couldn't be uploaded at its original size due to it being too high in bytes for SmackJeeves to accept. I might resize the other pages to match. Or maybe not.