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i like manga animals books gardening music [not rap] school science science-fiction tv and video games
I enjoy the following sites
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    moe is all you need to know
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@ProfessorCatPro: Um...I..don't know how to use tumbler.
So. How are you? I haven't really been on sj in months.
Gah! sorry! I was at a relative"s house for a number of weeks and they don't have the best internet access but I'm here and this is awesome that you updated!
same here. I suppose we could make a chapter 2? where it's the characters just exploring the place. I'm just putting that out there
what would we put in it?
where I'm from this is a potato bug

But that's really cool. I often hear about how many different species have the same common name and this is a great example!
@AshFisher: YAAAY I'm so glad you did TuT

and I also hop everyone returns soon as well.
Also I meant Terrifying
Tag on the first other author to read this!
This one isn't a Jpg
I had no idea anyone was still here either. Yeah I still am :)
I don't feel I drew Nahuel quite right.

(Sorry but I had to look his name up because while I know his name changed I still think of him as Takashi. >///< I just need to use his new name more)

Also! An octopus's blood is blue (maybe not that particular hue of blue but) this is because their blood is copper based instead of iron based. So Cain is making that particular octopus bleed.
WAIT THE TRAILER'S OUT!!? (goes to youtube)
Sorry to hear that, hope it clears up soon!
@Kurona: He still dies/starts to die and uses regenerative energy to heal himself.
@Punchy: I didn't say you said the doctor was going to die, I just think BBC isn't going to let him die after he uses all his regenerations.

Maybe yeah, but I was just spouting my personal opinion.