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szarosen ---> DR4WINGS!!!1 ---> MO4R Dr4WINGS D:
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Oh god
After few years I read the whole story again. And it's still my favorite webcomic. I love the plot and I love to watch, how your drawing style was changing. It would be awesome to watch anime about Joey, it's such a great script!
better than minions
oh no, don't be emo :O
I love it
this picture is so sweet!!! *waiting for new pages*
Cirrus saved the day, now he's my hero :'D
Go Petunia, go!
I just finished reading all the comic's pages. Wow, that was really great, now I'm waiting for new pages. Good job.
oh I really want to have piano hat like this
masz super wyobraźnię :p
June 4th, 2013
wyglądają jak kartonowe ludziki :)

hmmm zapowiada się na ciekawy zwrot akcji :)
March 6th, 2013
nie poddawaj się, super komiks! :'D
sweet kawaii!!!!!1
it's so sweet ;w;
I want to know ;____________; Please next page now ;__________________;
I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!1111 8D~~~~~
*QQQ* where can I find this shop???? *q*