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My English is not that good and I'm too lazy to start a comic. But if you're willing to be a translator and you have a whip, we might achieve something!
I'll keep reading too, I love this comic. But I think it sucks that you have to change it just because this place sucks now. So maybe posting the sex scenes somewhere else would be a good idea?
if he's keeping Connor naked and tied up in that sack as our present, we'll definitely get along.

(...unless it would turn out like that absurd and gross sex scene of the giant guy in that shitty anime whose name I don't remember)
YAY! An update!
Yay update! \:D/

Your backgrounds are awesome.
And backgrounds make pages look better, so don't worry.
September 24th, 2009
This comic is original and made of awesome, faved!
New reader here.
Awesome art and story! I love this!!

And that poor woman should just hook up with some other guy. lol
Woohoo! \:D/
September 4th, 2009
Well done, Eli. Sometimes you have to say no.
I don't think it would take much to make him in the mood, though.
Everyone will hate me for this but... Lt. Colonel Buttrape looks hot in the first panel.
Will he rape the father now that the son is far away? xD;; *is shot*
Woohoo! Another update!! \:D/

Hm... Adam's face is scarred, maybe it's Noel's fault ?
I hope this is not the last strip >:
But if you don't have fun doing this, I guess there's no point. ^^

lol! Marcely. This is the XXI century, 27 is still young!
I love Marceli.
Awesome page!

There's people who would react like this and there's also people that wouldn't, so I don't think the question is if this is over the limit, but whether this reaction suits his personality or not, and that's something you know far better than us.