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I like manga that goes from left to right but right to left comics are fine. My favorite mangas are Bleach, Naruto (Shippuuden, too), D. Gray Man, and other titles. It's a long list
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    Kaitou Kid
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First comment
There seems to be a lot of things he doesn't know...
So it was the one who didn't seem older that was the older. Haahahahaha!!!!!
yaaaayyy!!!!! another update!!!
yes!!! a flower!
@Cuiyonea- I think your supposed to spell it v-o-i-l-a, not viola. A viola is an instrument I'm pretty sure...just saying.
woot first comment!!! Btw, is the pokeball shaped thing the backpack?
i agree with Leeland. he's totally going to fall asleep.
reading fail...
are we supposed to read this right to left, or left to right?
dead animal
I agree with Mohane. What's in front of the house?
Oh man. That was great laugh. I wonder what Hades cooking tastes like???
*dramatic pose*
And now!!! For Hades to take the stage!!! Yes!!! I hope that storm doesn't kill anybody...
Dude, that sucks poseidon.*puts hand on shoulder* But cheer up! There's more girls in this world!!! Jk. I hope she's okay down in the *said in spooky voice* UNDERWORLD!!!!!!!!!! *gets beat to the death by everybody*
December 20th, 2009
oh goodness, i feel bad for everyone else in the house.And i hope her mom will forgive her... oh dear
love this comic. you should continue it.
December 6th, 2009
first comment!
yes, its my first time being first comment! i love this comic! XD
MYth:Eternal Gift
... gets my vote(look at title). Poseidon is my favourite in Greek mythology.
Short Story???
There's a short about what happens after this? Sweet! Please post it! Also, could you make another MYth story/series?
Items of the Gods
Um... how should I put this...? Ah! When are you ever going to put the items(armor and such whatnot) of the Greek Gods into your storyline? The items would be cool to have in this story! username...Oh yeah!

PS-I'm...(a little) forgetful.
holy *@!%, its a guy!
yes, please make it a girl next time.
oh...dear...thats paul!
Paul, stop with your perv stuff. seriously. I mean look at MOVEMENT class, hmm? Umm, Evil J...are you death-loving by any slight chance?