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Mr. Chameleon
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Ofcourse I care. You're still considderd "the friend" :p

anyhowz... glad you're up and running with you brainmeats again. uhm... wel.... not literaly but hey...
And if you ever want to grab a beer you know where to find me. ;)
Jeeeeeh!! Welcome back.
And glad to see your brain is working again.
I was getting a little worried....

Anyhowz... Jeeeh!!

Oh and P.S.: Don't make me kick you again to make the comic. ;)

But uhm... isn't 'An other' in the title in this case be spelled like 'another'?
Jeeeeh!! Welcome back!!
@sammy: We are waiting for a shirt design..... ;)hehe
@sammy: Show me the money!

I want one of those CLH Shirts!
Or mugs or coasters or thongs or whatever.
Good luck dude.
I don't care if it takes 30 weeks if that means they will patch you up.

If you need anything, just give me a call.
Me like tha kittey!

@BlackCatz: Good to see you're still around!! We missed ya!
Ahwwwww....... How cute!!
Well, happy "good time to get drunk" time!!

And enjoy 2011!!
Here Santa...... Come on boy.
Here Santa...... Hurry up and get you're *ss kicked!

Enjoy whatever you're celebrating!

@sammy: you perv!! :D
Hmmz.... Next time X4I!! Next time!!

Anyhowz.... Me like!! :D
Those two are just too damn cute!!
Oew!! Paperclip magic!!

*stares into the magic paperclip*
Well, there is a streetteam! The only problem is that it's in my head. And no it doesn't has to be the facebook. I was just making a suggestion for promotion.... ;)
But, but, but....... Aaargh!!!! I want more!!!!

Or a cow, a baboon......... Or a babooncow! ;)
What happened?? What happened?? Tell me!!! Aaargh!!!

Oh, as for the CLH street team, how about a facebook page or something? I can set it up with approval of the big boss. Is this an idea or is this doomed beforehand?
I'll vote for a drawn cow on a baboons face!!
I NEVER miss an update.... I may view it later, but I never miss it. ;)