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[M I S A]
Jack: *pimp slaps face* o_<
Jack: <|3
. . .
I really enjoy Jack's pose in the second panel, as well as Rielly's skeptical face.
:] Awesome job~<3
[M I S A]
August 4th, 2009
asdf First~<3
[M I S A]
August 3rd, 2009
Oh my!
You did a lovely job~<3
I agree with Ochahane, it doesnt seem right the he just dies like that. I bet it was like his greatest trick and is really alive. And its Jack's dream to target him and kill him, thus why he asks around about him :D
. . .
Or maybe...Jack wants his Love to be remembered! lol D: Idk im not feeling well lol.
Jack had such a difficult life when young....
Little Jack: "Then, as i watched Mr. Porter die, I knew. I knew I shall never see him again. His determination and heart is what propelled him through this world. And if I ever want to amount to anything I would go to the Corn fuck that I think I'll kill people."
-frolics off-
(stabs pen into organs)
:D Aaah! Mkay thank you! I was just being paranoid? lol
OoO oooohh uh dur! Haha Thanks!
Kufufu He wants to tell her he wishes for her to bare his babiess.
D: No no, i kid.

(Hiruda Im being a pain sorry...the website that you used, would you recommend it? I just seems tricky, like you secretly pay without knowing...

And what is that white box/square next to jack in that last panel...O-O?)
<3 Thank you sooo much Hiruda!

Pssh Manly Gowns are all the rage i hear.
Second Panel makes me giggle~<3
Ahaaaaa. Why thank you! >w> I would love the website (mainly because i know if i dont ask im going to spaz out when i have no clue what to do haha!)
Tracking Devices=Stalker Heaven
Gets him every time.
D: Hiruda~<3?
How do you obtain such a wonderful website? Ive been wanting one for my own art but...;~; i always fail.
Last Panel = <3
Have fun!
(floats off with umbrella)
Last Panel= !! l o v e
D: Will Andy be the first and only person to live after seeing Mr. Friday?!
*rapes this wonderful page*
Andy's smile in that last panel is god.
:D like its an exciting game for him.
(ooo that was wrong . . .8D )

C: and i happen to agree with blueberry. Nothing brings back the good ol' times like Mr. Friday's Scent. Hahaha that should be a commercial for cologne.
Teehee, of course Hitler wasn't intentional! D: He just does his own thing and put himself there.
._. Hes scary like that.

Go Jack Go! Bwuahaha
: D silly when did he come back to life?
Yay for small talk!

Lol wow Orphie! you and I were thinking the same thing >w<;;