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Hello! I am the one known throughout the internet as Kohdok! I have a webcomic on that I plan on mirroring here called "For Your Eyes Only".
Ya know, now that I think about it, Jack is like the first Male Chikorita I've seen like EVAR as a character outside of a video game.
Here's my PMD2 character Jack (A male chikorita named after the character from MadWorld) and his partner Arden.

This is the point where Arden apologizes that she acts like such a chicken. flash much? You are LITERALLY a chicken, so acting like one is NO SURPRISE!!

Needless to say, I found it hilarious. I hope y'all get it.
So Snorlax can Swim and Fly, but can it climb mountains...?

It's just like what Bones says about Tribbles: "They're basically born pregnant."
It's spelled with two "e"s and a TON more Os. "LeerOOOOOOOOOOY Ah-JENKIIINS!!"
I personally found that sign hilarious, as in my state of mind it held an additional connotation...
I just reached this part of the game on my Platinum...

I got jealous of the skiers who plowed along at high speeds on the surface of the snow... I was hoping you got a pair as the game went on, like Go-goggles.
Why do electronic keys increase your health? Do not question the ways of Fox-Hound!!
Ya know, My Misdreavus is male, too, but I gotta give it props because it TOTALLY WASTED Fantina's Mismagius that was the same level without potions or items or anything!
Heh. Marill reminds me of my D&D character. Since she has the lowest passive perception in the group (Irritatingly just under 20 for so long), she often didn't notice something the entire party otherwise noticed, so I'd have her be distracted by butterflies, or something.
What's worse is that in the anime, the trainers still stand in place (Whether they get hit by attacks or not).

I imagine battles as being a much more dynamic process, where the trainer is moving along with the pokemon (Like the Pokemon Adventure manga, and thus avoids collateral damage. Surf is another story, however...
And I thought I was pushing it when I traded over a Phione egg...

Still, I assume 10 is the age where you can journey, and the kids you fight are just locals (Or boy/girlscouts out camping) who have more pet-like pokemon and are basically just playing "pokemon trainer", hence their weakness.

Remember, you are the only character in the game with the class "PKMN TRAINER" (Though "RIVAL" sorta counts...)
At least it's not as bad as Crystal, where not only do they force you to change clothes right there, but also cross-dress as the male character!!
Really? I name my Onixes "Bullwinkle" because "Rocky" is too obvious.

Ah, my Bullwinkles always served me well...
It needs a dead Missingno. lying on the ground.
Too bad for Wailord that Roselia has Poison Point, eh?
I tried a while back. However, it said "No Application Pending", so I'd assumed someone else had.
Ya know what the only pokemon other than Metagross (and Metang) is that can learn Meteor Mash? Yup. It's Clefairy.

I knew there was something evil about those little pink things, now I know. Not to mention due to their names they're allowed to go "WRYYYYY!!"

Pure. evil.
You know it's true!!

Sure, people my age taunt me a bit for playing pokemon now, but since pokemon was the fad when we were younger, that irresistible little jingle gets them every time!!
Ah, the days of Red and Blue. Days of excitement, days of discovery, days where anything seemed possible...

Days when Metronome was a TM!! Yes, while this event didn't actually happen, it was inspired by something remarkably close.

I love unpredictable novelty moves like Metronome so I found it quite hilarious when my Snorlax Metronomed "Fly". Even better, this happened in Pokemon Stadium, so I fell over laughing as I watched this heap of flab floating in the air (Still in it's "Asleep" position) ready to come crashing down on my foe in the next turn!

Soon, imagery of Snorlax using Fly in the field followed and the rest is history.

Ph33r the flying Snorlax missile!!