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Just a li'l gal from the Netherlands, playing pokemon and occasionally doodling a comic or two.
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Ehh, I get the reason behind the detour, but the sudden intense increase of TnA is making me wanna unsub, so I might :/
The haaaaair D:
Apparantly I'm the only one here who liked his hair better long XD Aw maaaaan
@RenRou: Hm, not sure, I think it took me a few hours off and on |D
*paws at Next Page button*

Nuuuu, why did I have to read it all in one sitting? D:

Love your character designs <3
Awww, it's alright sweetie. I already thought your art was utterly beautiful. But you're the artist, it's your webcomic, so it's your decision =) Better than you mentally dying at the sight of old pages - I know the feeling, my style changes a lot.
I don't see why he's a monster.

You meat-eater eat all kinds of gentle, lovely animals. Why would a dog be any different, or a cat?

I don't get you people.

But I'm loving the comic <3
Creepy grin is -creepy- D: *shudder*
October 29th, 2009
Oi! D<
No it isn't, don't be so harsh on yourself.

I think it's really cute ^^
Art is gorgeous so far, I'm lovin' it =)

Eager to see more. Yup.
I do!
I check D:

This made me giggle. lots XD
.....oh well, at least the eagle got his or her lunch ;P

..........what's a crouper? *googles away*

Ah! ...See, it's barely noticable ^^ Or I'm simply not very perceptive *snicker*

It looks good so far, I'm greedily awaiting more ;)

Also, sorry to hear about your dog. My condolences. ):
D'awww, poor thing D:

*hands the elfie a knife and disappears into the darkness all mysterious and awesome*
OH god, so silly XD

But damn I love the way you draw Rapidash, so extremly pretty! *faints at the awesome*

And with this shiney new computer buzzing here, I should be able to upload the fanart much more easily =3
It had to happen
Clairence just -had- to land on a rapidash some day. I just knew it.

Because I'm a psychic. Your brain is so... poke-able *pokes it to her little heart's content*

Gdsjfkdjasfds stupid scanner won't let me scan the fanart properly D: *tries again and again and again and again and again into oblivion*
He speaks! =D
Gah, Clairence is so adorable! *squishy-shnuggle*

Sorry for the fanart-delay. The flu pounced on me and kept me in bed for quite a while. Should upload some today =3

And you have no idea how hard I squeal and bounce whenever I see that you've updated =3
*head explodes*
Cute overload! Dx I kinda liked my head, really.

Oh well, Taka looks absolutely stunning ;) *doodledoodle* Inking the fanart now ^w^
You silly thing!
I don't see what you're talking about, either! It looks very good, impressive overview of the city *two thumbs up*

Ev is fun to draw by the way, he's gonna appear in the fanart =3 And my Cubone-character has a name now, it's Flick <3 Pet-form of Felicity, it means 'happy' and 'lucky'. He's both, though a crybaby, haha XD *dolls him up terribly* GAh, sticking reluctant boys in girly clothes is fun, eh?

Anyway, keep up the awesome work, your comic is so much fun, I adore all the characters =3
Oooh, what did I hear? (
Oooh, cameos? That's very awesome <3 Who knows, someday, my little ditzy pokémon character could make a short appearance. Sure would love to see my lovely (tranny xD) cubone in your style <3 He's not even used for battle, his owner, 12-year-old Valerie, only uses him as a pet. *pokes his ribbons*

Hmmm, will have to upload his sketches today >w< ...along with the sketches I've made for fanart-practise =D

*dances around* Awesome, new chapter! <3 Still muchly hooked on this comic <3
Hooray for Mayuu!
Go Mayuu! I hate girls (and boys) who act like that. Hated it when a bunch of little snobby bitches started snapping at me for getting a 9+ (we've got a 1-10 grading system in the NL) three times in a row for Chemistry. At least I studied, unlike them >>

Anyway, the comic's great! I'm addicted to it already (started reading about, 30 minutes ago).

Keep up the good work!
Top Gear! It's on here, in the Netherlands, every Friday evening. It rocks ^^ and of course, also on BBC on Sunday =3

Anyway, started reading your comic today, and I absolutely adore it already. Keep up the good work!