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hey der, I am Emmy. I love music, drawing, cooking, eating (lol), reading web comics, and stuff like that. I hope to own my own bakery some day! I make killer sugar cookies....=D I am a lesbian. don't hate. s'all good. =]. anywho, I write books, I've been writing books since I knew what a story was, and now I've started drawing manga. I might put one on here someday. it's kinda wierd though, I like BL. but I'm a lesbian. I like GL too, but all my books are about guys..... and that's what I read.... idk haha. I'm just messed up xD I don't have many friends, just cause I'm homeschooled and don't know many people, so if you want to be my friend, msg me! I love to talk to people!
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that was awesome
this looks good=3 love your art
this is so cute!! love it! =D
I love this comic so far!!! it's the awesomsauce!!! keep it up!
I miss this comic... hope you update soon=]
March 24th, 2009
realy cute!