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This is too funny XD; Nice hair Gaara lol
Omg, I just started this story today (and I read up to this point within a hour)I Love this story and can't wait to see what happens next <33
This is an incredible comic so far; Keep up the good work and I can't wait for more :3
I love the third pannel
"First off, that is completely insane" "Hearing that from a Hallucinatin makes me feel MUCH better" lmao This is amazing ^^
I was wondering were Clover mom was; lol I hate cliffhangers tho ;A;
Killer Snowcone <3
I <3 Spraypaint-man
Anyway, Pop isn't that bad of a name; Maybe all that spraypaint has gone to his head lol; This is awesome so far can't wait for more >3<
Zombies ?!? :D Can't wait for the next page to see what it really is
I have the feeling that Jack is gonna tell us all a story <3 An Epic one !!! >3<
Damnit Reilly ! We all wanted to hear a story D: Oh well; Nice page, like always Hiruda <3
awww that was cute; I hope things get better for the 2 of them <3
Yay New Chapter :D
awww They're so cute even as dorks <3
Its good to see new pages and I'm glad you didn't give up on the story ^^
Epic Frog Throw :D
Yes !!!!!! XD *Sitting on edge of seat waiting for next page :D*
awww Valentine; =/ When Kole finds out what Joey/Kain did to him, she is really gonna kick his ass ( >:D Yea, Revenge !! )
I just started reading this today and I love it; Its so cute >3< Can't wait for more :D !!
New Reader :D
Wow, I love this comic. (It took me a few days to read it all but It has an amazing storyline with so many twists and turns and beautiful art work <3 . I'm still shocked at some of the events that just recentally happened and Can't wait for more !! (Sorry for the uberlong comment ^^; lol )
Gook Job ^^
I'm Dying to see what that note says; Can't Wait for more <33