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August 9th, 2012
@Daeva-kun: Well that would have been quite the change in the comic o.O. I was thinking more along the lines of pretty men...but yea that would have been a bit frightening all of a sudden to see mutilated gory ballerinas *nods*
August 9th, 2012
Dir en Grey ref, oooo!

I agree with haneganai, university is back in session now as well- most people are swamped- I think I speak for everyone that we'd all rather be commenting than trying to absorb knowledge from our textbooks through osmosis ^ ^
which does make me sad...he's pretty....pretty
I have to say, that is hot~
I'm 20, from the state of California-who can't get its act together and overturn prop 8 *shamed by state currently* I'm fairly straight but I am more focused on personality than what they got going on in their pants XD-though it's gotta be something nice *winkwink*. So yea...whatever the cool new interwebs word for that is...this is such a rant, damn caffeine for not kicking in yet -__-'
June 29th, 2009
Daylight fragments!
Thanatos, please! Though whatever story you decide to do Im super excited about ^ ^
he's the exception to the nasty chest hair thing...on him its yummy
Wow, Hidukul looks so....not assholy...and poor Tommy, having to talk about Draco Dx