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Read what I said again.

I said if you GO to strip clubs AND YET cannot imagine that a woman you respect would be a stripper-- you are an asshole.

And actually, its not always the worst job in the world. I know strippers. Some have good work situations, some do not. But the bottom line is, it's a job.
Ugh, this story arc really nauseates me.

ANYONE who goes to strip clubs but wouldn't want any woman they actually KNOW to strip is an asshole. Period.
Basically that just wouldn't happen to me, since many of my friends are porn actors, professional dominatrices, etc. Stripping is kind of tame to me... If I found out, I would just be weirded out by why they felt the need to lie. And probably not too happy about the lying.
"And then I think they ate a busboy."
I lol'ed.
You know, I am getting to like the color... One thing about it is that it does help with the character design/differentiation. Some of my friends have said they couldn't tell Patrick from Lauren at first, for example, though I never had that problem. Looks awesome.
Michelle looks the scariest. Which figures.
Man, the color looks good, but I miss the black and white!
Wow, Katelynn, nice, nice work. :D
That's what you get for chasing drunk chicks...
Awesome snapshot.

Also, jeez, Patrick getting outed... scary thought.