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joanne kaye
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@Ventimon: the drawer is where you keep your art skills, clearly
I, Joanne, also like to speak my thoughts out loud in a public place.

HOWEVER, this doesn't usually involve a recap.
Guess they didn't die.


(They didn't)
Having a battle in a lab doesn't seem very safe
and they all died the end
I think Psionis needs a new hologram phone, the signals coming in dark
Random person: I'm the leader now
Everyone else: ok
wait why did they have to uncloak before moving in couldn't they have just beat them up while invisible?
*Transformers theme plays... again*
having a lab as a main area seems kind of dangerous. what if someone runs through there with scissors?!?
that is the scariest reboot i have ever seen
RIP robot dude you won't be deleted from our memory banks
The shopping trip sounds like fun can we watch that?


is this canon

or is it

oh thank god no more windows vista
oh no the jordans have teamed up

they're going to destroy us all
That's supposed to be a cofagrigus? Huh.
Oh hey, he remembered to actually pick it up this time
Guess he's not dead then. Shame.
you kind of left it sitting on the table there