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/finally caught up

You do fight scenes very well girl *Q* <333
LOLOL he might be a vampire! XD

Awesome job <333
FFF why you so pro? ;A;
Lovin this so far~ Cant wait till the next update <:
If you get this update, then thank you for sticking with this comic ^^''
gosh I need to update more x_x

work is eating my life

here's a color version of Yamin:
Meh crappy page >_<...

for those of you on DA, I'm teaching an online japanese mini course ^^ For more info check
delgado is a perv...

good luck on APs hiruda ^^
trust me, he has his faults. :3
May 6th, 2009
I liked it. good job :D
I hope Sr. Delgado isnt some perv x_o''' watch out reilly~!!
Ah ignore the poorly drawn architecture >_<
cute younger sister + hot older brother = <33333!!

does annhell have a DA? :3
wah poor Reilly. Maybe her Fay magic will kick in!
cute younger sister moe :3
@annhell: I'm so glad you agree and I'm really happy to have you as a fan (I love your art *-*!!!). You truly have a shoujo heart :3
When you say "the breaks in between panels," isn't that the dark rectangles I have between panels? I used to separate my panels a different way in another comic (not on this site), and was told to make gutters this way. Sooo, could you specifically show me a gutter, because now I'm really confused...
Old art~
Ah I drew this about two years ago; forgive the heavy brush use x_X'' Even though this pic isn't too good I still like it a lot (It's my favorite of NEOTICA artworks <3)

Edit: Uploaded original size
@wo chi baozi
okay I'll make it bigger (original size) bewarned it's huge...
I see what you mean by ink-to-tone ratio. I tend to rely on tones for backgrounds, but I guess that should be no excuse to not try drawing them ^^'' Thank you so much for the advice~!!