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Umm... I don't feel like filling this out. xD
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How could they 'forget' Richard??? XD

Pardon my n00b. Chibi Henry is extra adorable.. <3

Jack kills me!!

I love him! <3 XD
And now I claim him as my own! XD
I just noticed..
You give Liam an Ahoge on the back of his head... I had never really noticed that before.. hmm..

...On the other hand.. OH GOD PLEASE DON'T END THIS COMIC!!!! T^T
I thought Thatanos was a woman aswell. My my. Hahaha.

I bet his lord cannot get up from under the blankets for a certain reason now. -Giggles-
I think your drawings of people get more and more amazing everytime you draw 'em.... and I don't know if I've said this yet but MAN YOU DRAW DRAGONS AMAZINGLY!!!
Mannn, now that I've read all the way to up here. I can amke comments..

First) The way you draw dragons are absolutely astonishing.

Second) This storyline is incredible so far, I like your explenations for small things along the way.

Third) Your charectars are memorable, Drake is totally cool. ;]

Fourth) Uhh.. umm.... Hi. :)

Fifth: I hope you update soon 'cause I'm totally hooked on this now..
I understand it, I speak french. ^^