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Friendly Old-School Action Gamer and Spriter extraordinaire!

I have a WHOLE LOTTA ideas for many comics floating around in my head, but the problem is I am quite a busy guy in my regular life. Not to mention I'm crazy about making TONS of custom sprites for these comics, and I only have the basics of the comics' plots actually written out.

So it's gonna be quite a while before I actually make a comic here...
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Currently feel a bit like a zombie myself, considering how I dropped off the face of the Earth for so long.

But definitely yep, poor Angela's mad and I don't blame her.

I mean, killing her just so she can date a classmate's dead brother?

I thought Hannibal Lecter was off his rocker.
Well, they better do something drastic if they want to stop Angela from dying.
*Swints very hard at the Dee on the far left in Panel 9*
Hey!! Did you just recolor my avatar's eyes Afrohawkman?!?! I can tell!!
Poor Treble... should've gone right to the skunks. At least the judge couldn't get him for vandalism if he just released them into the ventilation system and made it look like they got in on their own.
Oh how I do love your artwork! ^_^
September 20th, 2011
Wow, how bipolar can you get? First he tries to assuage her that his eye will grow back, then he berates her for how much it hurt to have his eye ripped out.
Considering how well you framed the action here, I have no complaints about watching more of it!
Oh, I can already tell this is going to be a good reboot of this comic. (^_^)
Oh, if only Link knew about frag grenades. Then that slingshot would be worth something!
A Poke'ball: 200 Poke'Yen
A Tonic from Chrono Trigger: 10 pieces of gold
The cost to hire out the Star Fox team for one day: 6,400 Liats.

The look on Link's face in the last four panels...priceless.

There are somethings that money cannot buy, for everything else, there's Goddess Card.
*Oh, my childhood is coming back to me.
I love a good old-fashioned Scooby Doo Chase Scene. They always liven up everything.
Incoming Fluffy Thief!!!
Those are recolors of the motorcycles used by the Rebel Bikers from the "Metal Slug" arcade games, here's a link:

Funny, only after he slashes apart some zombies does he actually take the time to confess how he feels for her.
About time! But quite the awkward time too.
Cool! Great minds think alike, right? :-D

Sorry, couldn't resist when I saw the Title. You may all shoot me now. -_-
You know, as plot-convenient it is for our foe to run out of bullets now, this does begs the stupid question of why no-one in movies ever seems to run out of bullets?
*Must not make Buzz Lightyear reference*

*Must not make Buzz Lightyear reference*

*Must not make Buzz Lightyear reference*
*Chuckles* The look on Angela's face. It's awesome!
*Listening to Stan Bush's "The Touch"*
I love how Rollo is so baffled looking in the final panel. Gosh, I just love this whole comic's art style!