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    Alice Reynolds
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If only I hads the time! >.<
So flippin awesome!!!
He's very nice indeed!
I like your hand-coloured (pencil-coloured) work best, it's so fresh and pretty!
Aww he really don't have the stomach for the magical boy job...
Hero poses enhance your powers.
Very violant! Really it should all be magical beams of light and then sparkling glitter while the victim faints slowly and prettily.

Blood? In a magical girl comic? Ohh nooo! ;)
Nice Wing accesories
*snort* 'Is that her?' great way to break the solemn 'muhahaha' aura there!
People will obviously wait patiently! ^_^

This pic is BRILLIANT btw!
blackmail always gets results!
KEWL - shall wait!
luls -compact form!
REALLY gewd colourwork!