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Matt V. 2.0
Video-game nerd/fantasy writer/comic artist, and that's all you need to know, you stalking bastard, you.

Also, I don't hand out 5s to every random comic I read.

And neither should you. In my opinion, a 5 should go to something of proffessional quality that could be featured on a popular website. I also don't believe my comics are a "5" comic. A "4", maybe, by my standards.
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Naming system of the country. You'll notice names that sound quite different, like Exos; that's because he's originally from the dessert, with a different dialect and different types of names.

Also, don't know how many times I'm gonna have to repeat this (XD), but OE is mainly on Analog Paladins now. There've been lots of comics since this one.
Usually, I get them from RPG Maker XP. It's not exactly what I'd call a cheap program, but you should be able to afford it (it's around 50 bucks if I recall correctly).
That is simultaneously the most annoying and addictive thing I've ever seen.
Actually, I used the RPG Maker 2003 charas-rpg-character-generator thing. Of course, I editted some; especially Alrea's, and the already-made second chapter sprites have some HEAVY editting, but it's a good system to get some sprites to use.

Want a link? Sure ya do.

I'm too lazy to update here regularly XD
I really liked the Roxas throwing the Oblivion bit. I don't know why, that particular effect really looked awesome.

Anyway, good job, bud. :)
Don't do that.

Don't beg people to PM you to get an update.
Y'know, I think dakota333 just made so big an ass of himself that my opinion of this comic went up just because he doesn't like it.
Word to yo' motha
Y'know, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about that last black panel that I -like-. XD
You've improved vastly from when you started, and this comic is pretty sho-fizzle (yeah, gangsta-speak). Can't wait for more!

PS: If I could mention anything, it's that I wouldn't suggest making circular text bubbles in Paint; especially with 2-pixel thickness. I'd suggest using the circular rectangle tool.
Thanks :). Also, it's bound to happen, so I'm warning you; I may start falling out of synch with my updates on Smackjeeves and AP; it's annoying to have to update the same comic on two different sites and I've nearly forgotten twice already ^^; The comics are now hosted mainly on:
I really can't think of anything to say to that other than that the title of your comment made me laugh XD
Thanks for the support, guys. The new comic's almost ready, so it'll certainly be up for the regular Saturday update :)
Hey, lookit that.
Geewillikers, I think the plot's starting to move.

Isn't that grand?
but it'd be swell if there was an actual comic some time soon.
Screw her hand, I'll flip the image if I want.
Truth be told, her armour's hard enough to figure out what it's supposed to look like as is, let alone with confusing sprite edits done by me. Let's leave it at that.
I say, smashing![/Parody of the British]
I don't read most hand-drawn comics, but this'un's definitely the exception. Fav'd.
Heh. A co-author deal'd be nice. And next time you're on msn, I'll fill you in on why Xegna's servant was crying.
Hiya, McMageKnight :) Thanks for replying. This means a lot, as this happens to my comic very rarely X_X
Hey, cool
Someone actually rated my comic. And it was a 5/5. Thanks, Rater-Person :)