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Congrats on getting engaged! I'm happy for you two!!!
i love all the characters so i guess i'll have to talk about why i love about White Noise.

i love the fact that Riona, as cute as she is and love sweets, she has a monster-like voice. Not only that Jun and Shichi loves her still, monster voice and all. Jun even uses it as his message tone. (i probably would too.) LOL i love how random shichi is, not only that she speaks sound effects...(a language i would like to learn)LOL. not only that her friendship with jun is too cute. with the addition of sir russle the fifth, aka chakin, just makes it all the better. his feelings for shichi is so obvious but yet shichi is still oblivious. now there's reesu and cugen. i can't say much about reesu but cugen, she won me over with the whole stealing her sister's suspenders.
ouuu is there a reason why 3 of the 5 eggs are glowing?
ouuu can't wait to find out more about the monster. also panel 4, should say "that's not nick" ^_^
did you mean "Trash" instead of "Thrash"?
Oh this remind me of this Korean movie called Duelist. At the end of the movie the main guy and main girl fight/dance under the moonlight, and this guy passing by say and told others that "they were fighting with sharp swords but at the same time looked like they were dancing and making love under the moonlight." :D
Love this page! the Doctor is just too cute! XD
LOL i love thos things! "the neeeeck" the "Shallallalah" reminds me of Kiss the Girl in The Little Mermaid.
LOL love the smooch smooch. i also like how you drew and colored kane and his brother's outfit. it's like opposites. one in the light the other in the shadows...
here comes the brother. the real brother right? *clicks next to find out*
soo cute! love the last panel. still holding hands. XD
kind of. a few nights (about weeks or months apart) when i was sleeping i would feel the edge of my bed next to me go slightly down a little. like someone sat. but it wasn't low enough like they had much weight. but it did feel like someone sat there. you wouldn't think it's freaky but i sleep with my room locked. and it was super late/early night/morning and everyone in the house was asleep. i was so freaked out i didn't want to move. and hid my face under my covers pretending to sleep until i actually did.
cute how they all dance and celebrate Callista not going to trip anymore. LOL
they are such a cute couple!
October 18th, 2010
i see... so Twan voluntarily die in Minions 1 that's why he doesn't remember her...
ouu.. whatever DID happen to kane's brother?
unchained mooolody. LOL but poor girl-cow.
October 16th, 2010
eh? that's the end?
October 14th, 2010
and he lives!