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I live in a cave with my plushie, Mr. Penguin. Idk what else to say...probably that I love zombies. <3

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when i saw pepper falling down i imagined a really cartoonish 'plop' sound. and now i cant unsee ;A;
i love this page btw ;_; its so foofy and cyoot
October 15th, 2011
@thecookiewholived: WOOO /hi5
October 15th, 2011
i still don't like you kyandi BC I STILL DON'T LIKE YOU. i thought you should know lmfao
September 24th, 2011
@tiikeri: no.

also lmfao man im so ttly making tsuki fanart. idgaf i love her
this will probably be the last chapter. enjoy the hetero sex in a gay comic /shields from bottles

ahh thank you for keeping up with me!! if u want to see more stuff from ld u can go on my tumblr or something while u wait for my lazy updates hahaha:

art i found for me on nabyn by whimzer!
klaus sketch by midnightzone -for-klaus-and
and sexy looking klaus by its-me-alis

@Daughter of Leo: thank you!!! i fixed it! ;A;
@CheeseCake: that is obviously because i said it only now lol i had to tell it sometime
@FastPuck: ;3; ohh u old cute creep <33 i didn't even know u read LD D: omg so happy lol ;v;
@otakulys: will do! because its starting to annoy me a lot. i get a comment every 3 about those, and always different pages! ugh ugh
September 16th, 2011
kyandi you ass! stop trying to justify your actions, you had no right to lie to her! i love tsuki!!
September 16th, 2011
ahhh finally u updated! i thought u wouldn't anymore. :,I i am happy now. OH JURA DONT WORRY YOUR FACE WILL LOOK SO MUCH BETTER SOON! ugh i remember when i had such a bad skin and i had to do that too aaa my face was SO RED AFTER ewewew and ahh masha, hirn looks even sexier now 8,I does it have something to do with what happened in germany? or is he tired for work? hmm i wonder. also dude that hospital looks like a prison...8I its scary.
btw...u didnt see my fanart did u? ;I
September 10th, 2011
@Guest: he sure as hell didnt tell the truth either now did he? when he saw what his sister thought
September 10th, 2011
LOL IM SORRY WHAT? @everyone tsuki has all the fucking right to be mad. her own little brother slept with her ex-boyfriend, hello? and lied about being raped by her ex lol that is NOT nice.
guh im such a lazy ass sorry guys! ive got a whole lot into painting and ehh idk opening sai isnt as fun anymore now that i have ps OTL

Fanart ahh so much to link today:
chibi klaus with a cast by Ichinilla /
klaus looking swag by toughtofu
klaus n mitch having sexy pose tiems by toughtofu ry-theyre
ANNNNND a klaus chibi thats been hidden from me by glassesandheros uld-stop-coloring

seriously guys i am so disappointed when i have to seek for my own fanart >:8( SEND IT TO ME DON'T BE SHY u know ilu all!! <33

@LiarBonez: awwwwwwyeaaaaaaaaahhhh
@Coffin-chan & CheeseCake: ch.1 page 16, ch. 2 page 12, ch.4 page 3-4-20-21 got brought up kinda a few times yeah.
@themusicalmuffin: yeahh it was supposed to be an abrupt change of mood LOL showing that klaus is insensitive like he is ahaha /fail
@coloradogirl86: aw of course i did <3 about the questions: no it doesnt from the outside! but you actually lose your soul and its a really bad feeling of emptiness ahaha AND yes klaus still has a contract on him because his soul is still owned by the demon and ahh dont worry your questions were rly smart and appropriate i hope its more clear now :>
@otakulys: yes ive seen this a million times and explained it a million times in author comments. i cant fix it they will come back in a few days i don't know why that happens.
@Kanilla Maxwell: omg thanks! mitch was so ugly at the beginning lolsob ;A;
k not much to comment this time haha but i've been to the sea today and i saw a guy looking like mitch! :,D

klaus portrait by coloradogirl86! laus-from-lex

@mangofurutani: DID YOU GUESS? BD
@Dizzy: IT WOULD! i really still like them as a couple :,D also, i don't think mitch would agree with you 8,D
@themusicalmuffin: sdhahaha i can't get blonde mitch out of my mind now!
@Pence: HE THOUGHT ABOUT IT! but he's too much of a proper person to do that
UHH ok ive been lazy sorry guys orz this chapter is so full of kissing/sex gdi also this is the most useless page ever ahaha
FACT: mitch was once supposed to be straight and in love with Jane;

a lot of my characters by neko-14-5-11-15
funny sketch comic strip by lesliejonhson
HUGE gift with most of my ocs by schg!
annnnd last but not least an awesome klaus painting by ROFLMAO/sbt! s-what-ive

tell me if i missed yours!

@T8rtoes: he always is lol klaus is too good at looking pitiful
@LADYKAZUMI: happy late bday! <u<
@LittleRedPill: ahh i didn't do that X,D (yet)
@ExoticGreen: ye he kinda expected it lol, not like it was much more than a one night stand. and pff pfff here i am old enough to vote, drive AND drink!
@megami23: that is such a huge compliment!! thank you!
ahhh and here i thought i was back on track haha SORRY GUYS~ also omg sob its almost my bday and i want to share my excitement ;A; im getting 18 in a week omg i cant believe it!!

funniest Klaus looking like Sinatra by Eshi-chan;
and naughty sexy klaus by Kurayami-hebi on dA

@Izy: lol what? that's her arm hahaha
@megami23: awwww thank you ;O;
@Synnub: i have litterally no idea X,D
@ExoticGreen: omg u're so nice baw, ppl who comment like u make me feel so guilty when i dont update ;A; <3
ohh nooo please don't take a break! im a really selfish person and a hypocrite cause i hate when i get these kind of comments BUT i loooove this comic! its so hilarious ;O;
did I ever mention how much I hate speech bubbles? 'cause I do. they ruin all my work every time sob

so much fanart this time sob oh u guys <3 ilu all

Klaus looking badass and sexy by Blencem on dA
more Klaus, this time molesting Uriel by sodmyredpanda t-is-happening-if
ANNNND last but not least Mitch's portrait by ROFLMAO! -comic-b-omg

@Synnub: D: he would SO be the wolf!
@Anatine: haha I hope so! omg if i didnt improve in so much time and while drawing so much id be useless X,D
@*milk+assassin*: demons dont to powahful lazor rays :U and shes not german, she's just mocking klaus
that is a train^
yes. it doesnt look like a train.

Klaus and her character Ash by Sodmyredpanda: as-bi-oo
ahh my first ever cosplay fanart omg <333

@A v e r y & Chasyn: i hope it works now? <:O
@Synnub: ahaha klaus would be little red riding hood? X,D PFFFF
@*milk+assassin*: it does 8I i didnt even notice lol
I read it all now and LET ME SAY THIS:
I'm really really reaaaally loving this comic! Be it for the drama, the pretty drawings, the scenery, or how you put slice of life scenes in there and don't hurry with the plot! I LIKE EVERYTHING <333
/instant fav
what do u mean it doesnt work? theres a link to the image on the page
CIAO NEW FANS!! <3 sob theres so many of u omg ;;___;; i didnt even think id ever get past 300 fans when i began drawing ld

BTW I made myself a Formspring so if u have any questions ask away!

and I added a characters page on the comic with a height chart + character info drawing:

Edit: fixed the height chart image! tell me if it works now!

Milky drew Klaus uhhh molesting (?) Vanilla! (18+ warning)

@Daughter of Leo: i dont think hes likeable :B and idk about the pronunciation :C i know how to pronounce the name (sorta) but i am rly not sure on how to explain it
@fucking.spring: i am so disappointed in u :I u understood nothing >:U
@HexDinasty: theyre important characters :I also sorry to disappoint u this is not a manga :,D
@salazars: awww thank you! <3