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Torteh Lini
I am awesome.

That is all.
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    Doug Wilson
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Based on an old conversation between me and Johnny from 5 years ago.

Does this mean we're alive? Not really. Might you see some new comics in the future by yours truly? We'll see.
- Uploading comics from the
Frag Football
You know what the real athletes drink?

GRENADERADE. Forget that wimpy Powerthirst crap. GRENADERADE is where it's at.
A lot of it can come down to that. What's your passion, man? What's the one thing you're willing to dedicate your time to, whether it causes you pain or gives you pleasure?
probably the kind with a leaf growing out of his head
Torteh Lini
September 16th, 2010
So Close...
...yet so far.
I set a squirrel on fire. :3
Torteh Lini
September 5th, 2010
Technically, he doesn't.

The authorities have deemed Doug a threat to national security, so instead of him going to school, the school comes to him. His homework is delivered to the apartment every day, Monday through Friday via armored van. How it gets back, no one is quite sure. :3
It totally was.
One of Us
Well, for those of you who might still check out this comic, Matthew Fedock, an avid fan and creator of the only Jakaesi fanart in existence, is now a cartoonist for Jakaesi!

Oh what mischief there shall be!
Yay old-comic-yet-still-new update!
Glee? Really?

No. Because there's totally a black chick in here, along with a gay guy, all with off-putting musical talent.

Trust me. There isn't.

No. This is not Glee.

Torteh Lini
January 26th, 2010
We're still here, I swear!
Sorry for the delay, everyone. Too much holiday business to settle right now - besides,there's a whole 'nother week of comics to prepare for, so stay tuned!

EDIT: Hey, whaddaya know, this is our 50th comic! It's a New Year's Eve miracle!
In Case You Were Wondering...
...we're still here, guys! The Jakaesi staff is just spending a bit more time than usual planning our Christmas arc.

And also, the other tabs on Doug's computer include "How To Create Heavy Duty Security Measures For Your Home" and "Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb, page 1". Doug's quite busy these days...but for what?

Only time will tell.
Running Out of Ideas? Momentum?
In that case, it's time for JAKAESI!!! :D
Also, you spelled "Frustration" wrong. :D
You wish.

I live a couple blocks from the "Kindom's Hall for Jehovah's Witnesses". You guys ain't seen nothin'!