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i like perverts, goob, & sleeping.
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So Sad. So Amazing :]

Cant Wait For More Stuff.
Haha right when i saw the picture for this comic i went "...Omg...Chancake *twitch*"
I love how Monday's always so embarassed about it xD
Haha awwwww i love how Monday asks before he does something! Thats so cute!

mmmmhm. Score for Clover
I agree with Pawky! (Who Btw has an epic icon.)

Yes, i also, now love MONDAYS.
Awww i was gonna name the next cat i got Tumor....but mosh is too adorable!! CONFLICT
Im thinking too much about this but....How is it that 5 gay nerds end up with awesome hair colors and names?

PURE BRILLIANCE. the last few panels herz is starting to remind me of Axel (KH)

But thats a good thing!! Axels hot, Herz is hot. CHA-CHING
Omg their faces in panel one......SEX.
OMG, please tell me George is gonna be here too!

*reads on*
HAHAHA i get that all the time. My boyfriend teases me all the time for it xD

But HEY, whos having more fun?
The jocks on steroids, or the nerds with their porn?

I agree with Torrigorawr....
Woah...haha my sisters are watching Pokemon in the living room.....
Ah well...i guess its fair....If any of the people who bought it live near San Diego....can i borrow PLEASE?????
The awkwardness is ADORABLE >w<

Haha Penis talk xD