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Aww, this was actually very nice and sweet :) What a lovely story~

And hey, they both already have the long hair to complete the look ;)
Oh man, the new layout's so EXCITING!! :D (the most exciting part is Ben's hairy legs <3 )

o__o The poster of Ben... is the most adorable wanted poster I have ever seen. With his big eyes and the "who, me?" expression XD
My god, they're dealing with a madman o_o;
I hope that if/when you have a sequel, you will update here with an ad for it so no one misses it! <3 This was quite a lovely read my dear, thank you for sharing with us all :) *runs off to stalk your dA <3 *

Oh man this is getting interesting :3 I'm glad he's in an organization where craziness gets rewarded :I
It's okay. Tomas has enough nose to go around <3
I would totally swing around like that if I had an epic ponytail like that :3
Oh man, I see that... that fat guy with the swirly hair! *has forgotten his name*

lol. Ben's such a lightweight <3
Have I mentioned how sexy Kowa is? Cuz he's sexy o__o
I'm telling you, it's the eyebrows :I
It's his eyebrows. Tomas has homoerotic eyebrows. o___o

And it's okay- when you posted this, it was still technically Sunday where I am :3
Woah new layout! :U Huh... Kowa looks extra super sexy in the header, with his head turned to the side like that :3 If you don't mind me saying... he's sooooo much manlier now than when you started Themis XD;;
I like how the panels are set up in a kind of unusual way, it's pretty awesome :)

Guh. Kowa's so manly ;~; *reaches out to pet his muscly arms*
XD This cracked me up! <3
Awww!! :3 So freaking cute, I wish I could favorite this page <3
D'awww <:3 That's such a cute reason!