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Yahhhhh, you see that the new character is relevant<3

@magik girl: pretty much, she's had quite bad luck with men.
I actually designed her before knowing what she'd be, but you'll see^_~
I don't like how the third panel turned out... But I'm tired.
Yoooosh, new character<3
*sings* on a roll~
Yah, another page? ^_^
Is there something wrong with this? I know I uploaded new pages, but I can't see them. >___<
Yah, big secret out about Lin's fav-bar XD

the owner's allowed to have it, since the "boss" or whatever it's called, his son is gay so he thinks it's better he goes there than going trying to get random men on the street in bed. XD
well, no page done yet (still working on the line-art) but working on it. Drew this when our summer-holidays started, but only got around to finish it today.^^
Weeeeell, Hotaru (my twin) pointed out that the guy looks like Germany from Hetalia... that was NOTHING I had in mind while creating him... ^^' oops?

Gah, I hate drawing him, it's so hard~~!
oh my Toki, he's so adorable<3

haha, i'm working on it, working on it~~
Well, the next page. To be honest, i like the first page more than the second. something got screwed up with the floor, but it just wouldn't work out correctly. *pout*
well, i ArtRage... kan visa dej.
And here's the first page~~~ :3
Well, here's the cover for my first manga ever :3
It's the main-character, Lin.
she's so stupid she doesn't even know her own language? moreover, the basics?!
i know lots parts in Grace Kelly :O
ooh, that's so many people :O