Gurukitty Studios is a tiny little Studio started in 1997 by a set of twins in British Columbia, Canada.

Gurukitty Studios members, Jeri Weaver and Jayleen Weaver, create their own comics and artwork separately (for the most part) and we publish under a joint name, Gurukitty Studios. So, you could say Gurukitty Studios is actually the name of the publisher side of our work.
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Glossy tombstones
So Sorry again for late!
This time it was because my wireless adapter died so i had no internet on my computer and also no way of transferring files. its ammmmmazing how dependent you get on being connected.
I was like "oh, I can email them to myself...oh wait, no, I'll upload them to google drive, nope, wrong again!" when i finally remembered that I could transfer files with a flash drive I realized I didnt have one. my phone was so clogged with photos and stuff I just gave up and went out and bought a new adapter.

theres my story. Heres your comic page. HAHA!
@estrachan: haha :D Yeah.
Water the corpses day!
Late again, I know! It was thanksgiving, migraine happened, it was a kerfuffle.

Noe my scanner is being a brat brat brat and this is the best I could get out of it.
sorry i missed last week :<
Last page of this chapter :D
The legend of this site is from the Blackfoot First Nations. Its an actual story from Prehistoric times!
The site is called Estipah-Skikikini-kots in Blackfoot.
The legend says they actually didn't find the young man until they were processing all the meat and they found him at the bottom of the heap under all the bison. His head, smashed in.
That's how it got his name.
Sad for the guy, but what a cool story! The last time they know it was used was 6,000 years ago!

A little history lesson from a cartoonist!
Its a real place.
Grumpy badgers!
@estrachan: It always hurts!
woops! a little late posting
@grifendel: Thank you so much :D
Spoiler alert! it was water!

Also, so sorry I didn't post this page last week. I got sick, ended up in the hospital, blah blah blah, anyway, I'm BACK! Thats the important thing!
A boring flat cemetery. All cemeteries are cool anyway.
Cemeteries are always on the list when we go on road trips but these cemetery's were supposed to hold some very important people.