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Right now I'm aimless wanderer. I graduated in 2001 with an art degree and am now working on my bachalors in English. I want to be a writer. I recently got a job as an isurance agent. How goth is that? You know you're going to die one day so you bet money on it. And the dreary part is you doen't get the money when you win the bet, someone else does. I'm a con geek, wanna be goth and a heavy music fan who adores anime.
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    Michelle Crumpley
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I'm very proud of this particular picture. This is Ari in full warrior gear.

Ari originally came from Japan and still holds a lot of those traditions. Because of the time spent in the golden kingdom some of those traditions have changed. Being a power Ari is considered one of the immortal races. That equals to a long long time for things to be forgotten and changed.
Yes my dialogue sucks and yes these two are a major part of the sub plot.
Sorry this one was late. This page was a last minute addition. I already had the one after this done and decided I needed this one to show off some of her magic.
The first panel is supose to show the wings disappearing. She can control them with magic to appear when she wants them. The same powers can make them larger or smaller as needed.
I tried to get accross the idea that they are disapaiting in a puff of fog and light. I don't think I did very well with this. The story is going to start picking up soon also. We're going to see a court scene soon. All still in chapter one.
Author Comments
I'm sorry to say I have to post my first filler. I'm working on the next page currently and it should be up next weds if nothing unforseeable happens. (Like life)

This picture was the first actual sketch I did of Beset with her wings. The wings themselves are not there all the time. They're part of her many powers. I have a page coming up that wil show you how they appear normally.
Sadistic Yes.. Very.
I feel sorry for the girl but you know all of them kinda brought this on themselves. You don't chase predators without some idea of how to fight them.
Thank you!
Yes It's supose to mean difficult reward. I had a friend find the word for me.

Too late to fix it now too many things have that spelling on it. I've seen the s substituted for the z in other romanize japanese words so I'm hoping it's not too bad of a spelling error.
The small writing in the first panel is the cat thinking and Beset's response. Beset is an empath to both human and non human minds so she knows the cats'state of mind if not the exact wording.
Read from right to left.
I'm thinking of going to this page size versus the one I've done so far. I think this one will be easier to load and deal with.
February 12th, 2007
That's just like today's youth. Have a good brawl going and someone's gotta ruin it with a gun.-- um that is a gun red's holdin isn't it?
February 5th, 2007
I think the backgrounds are fine really. I know what it's like with complicated backgrounds and such. I'm also lazy and take too many cues from manga.

On the other note Drake's definitly starting to have fun. I dare say the others will just have to sit back and watch unless someone manages to sneak through the underbrush and gets by Drake while he's playing.
January 11th, 2007
Fasionable and usefull. I want a tail like that. Heh
With even the partial tranformation Drake looks so cool. Have you done anything that shows him in his complete dragon form? I know he can't transform with the seal on maybe a flashback or in the background of one of the panels?
December 5th, 2006
I have to echo the sentiment about facial expresions here. I love the look on Drake's face. It just makes the entire page.
November 24th, 2006
Poor Teddy that just makes you want to give him a hug.. of course I'm with Joan on the so long as I'm not dinner.
Looks cool! I like the way you did that first panel.
Gotta love them Angsty vampires. Heh even if Drake's a bastard most of the time you have to love him. (and the angsty vampire)