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Mr. Jack
Who am I, you might ask? Where do I come from? What my purpose here on Smackjeeves is? It may seem like it's to entertain the kids these days with the worst kind of comic strip there is (sprite), eh? Well it's not. TAX FRAUD. Yep, that's what it's all about. Just wanted to clear that up.

My name on the interweb is Mr. Jack. I am known for appearing and disappearing of the face of the internet for random periods of time, returning with a comic, never finishing the series, and dissapearing again. Then the cycle continues. But not anymore, I hope! I am an overall friendly guy who enjoys spriting, music, friends, etc. I am also clinically insane, atleast on the internet(but hey, who knows for sure?) so dont be afraid to get to know me... I bite regularly :D
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    Mr. Jack, fool!
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A lame filler, for the sake of posting comics and to assure you guys I'm sticking around for good this time.
Badass comic, brah! I expected nothing less from the great SHIN A DIN DIN
I'm alive!
That's right kids, I'm back. So in order to get back into the spirit, I felt like making a new comic for you. I had this plot in mind... then I started conversing with my brother... and together we made this totally random comic(which I did'nt know where else to put, mind you)

So enjoy, and expect regular updates from me in ALL of my comics... DONT FORGET TO RATE/COMMENT!! Peace.

-Mr. Jack
Yea well, point is the name of the game is JINJO, and nothing else.
Mr. Jack created dawn. In the dawn, Mr. Jack created time. In the dawn of time, Mr. Jack created the universe. Then he formed TEAM JINJO.
This comic NEEDS some Text boxes/panel boxes.
You are the next freakin' Psyguy. Probably even better.
Photoshop wont help your Grammar, buddy.
Lyk w3 shuld ban all da n00bs dat dont use grammar lol wtf

I'm still waiting for teh comic.

Anyway, feel free to finish up teh storyline.
By the way...

And the clones...

If this throws off the plot, then just treat the clones like they were n00bs. Maniacal Killing machine n00bs.
lol this webcomic got pwnzer'd
I needs those Fur-ni-ture sprites
Not to be off-topic, but Woody's sprites are Joe T.E.'s sprites with just very minor recoloring. The sheet clearly says to ask for permission, which you probably havent. Maybe you should change your sprites before someone contacts Joe.
Not bad. Even with a messed up Photoshop.