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I like to draw. That's all.
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    JB Gra
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Didn't knew that XD
Thanks for clarify it.
I guess I still need to learn more about English :3
Just an observation
My native language isn't english so maybe I'm wrong, but in the last panel Jazmin (we have the same name XD) is using plural ("we"). Then, shouldn't she said "we were" instead of "we was"?
Oh my God! Poor man!
That's why my mom hate cats D:
Is that Chloe? She looks like a little doll, so pretty x3
February 12th, 2010
LOL Pac-man face XDDD
February 2nd, 2010
I'm from the land of the "poo-eater" (a.k.a. Veracruz, Mexico).
January 25th, 2010
OMG!!! This is uber-cute!!!
Chloe's oufit is the best!!! Thanks for taking my request :D
My dad is just like her, I hate when parents say that D:<
November 12th, 2009
Chloe's outfit is so pretty >w<
Ahh! I have a sugesstion!
I'd love to see Chloe, June and Alice as Idols, something like this:
It would be so nice if you do it ^^
November 10th, 2009
This strip must be my favorite strip on this comic so far! The quality is very good! I love Chloe's face in this one ^^
November 10th, 2009
Another one who never comment
But is not like I don't like to comment, it's only that my english is terrible xD
In my opinion, I don't think fast uploads are the reason why people are unfaving.
People sometimes can be too odd, so it's better that you don't worry about that.
Anyway, I'm one of those that loves your fast updates. It keeps me entertained since my work demands me to stay in front of a computer all day.
Cheer up! Because you have a wonderful comic on your hands!
Hi! Your comic looks very interesting and the art is wonderful!!!
I'll be watching for more updates! (and good luck with the school!)
September 12th, 2009
Wow! Maybe this is a sketchy comic, but your art is certainly improving :D
By the way, I'm hoping to see Liam again ^^
September 9th, 2009
Hi~! I started to read your comic today. I really like it ^^
Keep it with the good work!
LOL It's just like me and my little brother xD