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Czarna Mamba
Um... I'm "ordinary" teenager from Poland >_<
I don't speak Enlish very well, but I'm think I'll cope with comunnication with you.
You can visit my YouTube account on
Some facts about me?
I mad about Manga & Anime of course ^^
I love cats and I like write stories, poems etc.
That's really amazing!
I waiting for next pages and add to fav :)
Yaay, Rommie, you're amazing ^.^
Can't wait for more pages!
+fav of course :)
Awesome :)
Nice comic ^.^
I waiting for next pages ^^
"My name is Panny. I'm 124 years old faun..." Lol, that's great xD
Hey! That's really good! I waiting for next pages :)
I greet and invite to me :))

<sorry for possible errors, I'm hopeless in English, so...>
Woow ^^
That's really good!
You're amazing. Awesome.
I add your comic to fav and hope you visit my comic too :)