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Hello everyone and anyone, I hope you enjoy the comics I make. I only have one but with more support I think it's gonna turn out great. I love feedback so feel free to tell me how I'm doing or is there something I should change in the future. But more importantly I'm really friendly and I love meeting people. I love to do anything art related, play video games and watch anime.

Thanks for stopping by^^
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Love your stuff, congratulations. Hope you get another 10 years^^
I hope you guys enjoy
Thank you,Thank you!!
Oh wow, that's really awesome and I thank you for the review. I'll try to fix those non-story related stuff and keep the spelling errors in check. But I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I hope you keep reading to watch my imporvement
hello there, just wondering
Hi I was wondering if I could get a review for a comic, I would love to see what you guys think. I would give me some insight on some things. here's the link

I would really appreciate it
I'm very sorry guys, I hope that you'll just stick with me and once again I'm very sorry.
Merry Christmas ^^
I hope everyone is enjoying there holidays and if you don't celebrate
christmas, I hope you enjoy the holiday that you celebrate.
Yes, Awesome Possum is showing it's head again but in a different way that's much more worse for Edward
Thank You!!!
Thanks so much for still supporting me and I all hope you guys will still be with me. Tell all your friends and keep waiting for more updateS.^^
@brokenLogic: no you're not going crazy, this page was up before but I took it down because it made chapter 2 feel rushed. So now it's part of chapter 3
Sorry for the lateness, lot's of things went down this week but I didn't forget you guys. We now meet Maggie potential match, what do you guys think of him?
Maggie: Yuno
Evon: Possessed Mewlin
Brittany: Morgana
Edward: Uta
Hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween ^^
I like the way your going, good luck in all your endeavors^^
Father and son moment. I really liked drawing this page.
Sorry about it being a day late, I wasn't feeling to well. But anyway I hope this give a little more insight about the characters so
far. More to come^^
Stickers and Bags...Maybe?
Things are going swell, I hope you guys are all doing well. So I thinking about making stickers for Maggie and the gang. If you guys would think thats a good idea please let me know. I would love to make little bags with everyones faces on them as well. So just send me a message or just comment right here.
Please and Thank you ^^
The Fall Season
I like the fall, it's not to hot and it's not to cold. Plus ALL HAIL THE PUMPKIN LATTE AND OTHER FOOD!!
What do you guys like about fall?
Hey guys I hope that these pages make more sense then the last one, I put the page back up once it's an appropriate time.
Thanks for waiting ^^