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dood am i to late to join the......wait........the thing.....yes perfect cover up
srry for the deley, my internet shuck bananas.
srry author comment took so long my ears have been ringing from reading it, just like yours.
the jokes about Nick just keep coming, and i don't want them to stop.... do you?
Nick = idiot, plain and simple
well, it's finally up, first one Scarlet posted, my internet wouldn't let me....
Scarlet, want to add anything here? ever.
nick should be in his seat but, and blah, blah, we ran out of room folks, papers are only so big
By the way, the naked guy is Joe's brother, no real name yet, but for now he's known as, Random naked guy.
in hind sight this doesn't make to much sence, why? Read on
don't think this is coming out daily, honestly this one wasn't that hard, we. Now i'm on my stumbling block.
100 accuracy doesn't mean 100%, it means most likely. only those that say it won't miss won't miss, wish they actually put the chance on there instead of's one of the biggest pains in the rear, unless your a nerd, all you know is quick attack hits harder than tackle, and all that, but not the actual damage you'd be doing normaly.
WTF, i still have to say it, wouldn't it burn like hell to sit on something with ****ing fire coming out of its spine?