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What is there to know except i draw the badly done yet genius comic Technical Difficulties. I am 19 and i am a writer,drawer, poet and i'm happy with the love of my life Tiff * kisses* i love u baby

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heres that fan art. the female dragons name is Emille
poor Matt * pats him*
fweeee XP, your mate is too funny for his own good
procrastination is the lifeblood of man, cant wait to see your comic again soon ^-^
April 29th, 2007
i saw you on Drunk Duck. check out my comic Tech Diff

keep up the good work

if ted still hasnt found a girl for the prom, he can use my female character

woot heres my comic
i would like to do the next comic, if someone hasn;t said they will, and i will incorporate myself into the storyline wooot.
its not that i dont update, its that i am busy and cant update as much as i would like, and it seems the background sprites are gone or something.
i need to fix the ones i got, i have some comics done but i need to fix some parts of them, but if you want to use my guy, use him
its me, sorry bout not updating much, been very busy, if anyone wants to interact with my guys "LOD" hes in the male dorm on the ground, im guessing asleep.

heres one, its not a science class 3 one tho, sorry
i almost got it done, but i have a empty space, perhaps i should add Zack into the mix?
got it, i'll think of something
i created a new strip, buts its a little like TYGR when he was in the girls dorm, cept mine has no pervyness in it, so im debating wheter to use it or do a different. any suggestions?
thanks so much sam * hug*

i completed my sprite, hope i can still make it
curse my badly spriting skills
* calls some priest and they splash manboy with holy water* the power of Christos compells you
*grabs manboy* gomu gomu noooooo Bazooka