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I like drawing and reading webcomics D:
Sadly, i do not have the skillz for my own webcomic yet, BUT WHO KNOWS maybe i'll do one anyways >,>
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What about Tintin? You can not say Allison does not have any Tintin in him! Look , hes even going off to solve himself sum mysteries
Im so happy that you recovered this page from the bowels of hel-your computer :D
You know, his hair reminds me an awful lot of Tin tin's D:
And my middle name is Allison FTW!!
Do you know what sort of insane burst of laughter I just produced now?
Lawl. I scared my dad.
I like using the button that does damage with sound. I just burst out with the lion king opening AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AKENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
It makes me so happy <3 Like this comic :D