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I'm a marketing major who satisfies the lack of art in her life by drawing comics:P
Anyway, I'm only intending to work on one comic, which is "Meet My Gay Boyfriend" because that's all I can handle haha. Although I have a lot of time now. Do you know that the Japanese spring semester starts in April? Needless to say, I'll be very bored at home until then (Besides working).

Favorite Manga: Kare Kano, Chocolat, Pita Ten, Goong, and Azumanga Daioh.

Favorite Dramas: Goong!! It Started With A Kiss, You're Beautiful, My Name Is Kim Samsoon, Boys Over Flowers, LIFE, Kimi Wo Petto, MARS, My Girl, 1 Litres Of Tears and Silence.
Currently watching: Love Buffet and My Princess
P.S - I don't know why you need to know this, but watching dramas is an addiction of mine. I write out my comics as if they were an Asian Drama:)

Music: Motion City Soundtrack, Owl City, Jay Chou, Guang Liang (Fairytale!!), Big Bang, 2NE1, Super Junior, and DBSK!!! <3
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Sorry guys for the lack of toning on this page. I'm a little busy with packing. I'm studying abroad in Japan, and I won't be back till August. Although I intended to update over there, my new computer lacks the programs I need to make a comic. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for supporting me:)
Reminds me of the Cape Intruder here. He was this dude that would look for unlocked doors and watch you sleep, then run away when you wake up. Yeah, random story, I knowXD
The gay couple is so cute!!

And thanks! I'm going as long as Sophia University says otherwise. Watching NHK News 24/7 though..
What convenient timing! Love his remarks too haha.

And yeah I can't believe what's happening in Japan. Just seeing the clips of all the destruction really leaves me stunned and saddened. It's not going to be the happy atmosphere I'm intending it to be when I go there in 2 weeks:(
Love their convos! You'd make a great script writer:D
Hoorah for gay best friends!
Meh I'm tired of snow. Finally starting to melt and the snow is no longer over my head by the driveway. But maybe more snow later in the week D:
And I don't know why, but his expression makes me giggle. He seems out of place in the park haha.
I love autumn too! I don't think I'd be able to stay in a place where there isn't 4 seasons. I love the changing seasons:)
lol I saw the October 7 and got really confused. I was like, did I accidently go backwards? XD
Love the effects you used on the page. Looks really professional!
Sorry guys!
Sorry it took so long for me to update! They scheduled me too many hours these past weeks for work. But now my hours are regular. And sorry for the icky page. It gave me a hard time:/
But I loved reading your reactions from the previous page XD
Thanks guys!
Lovely Complex is really good! I watched the complete anime and some of the manga and movie. I like realism I guess.
Oooo they're in a storage closet together! Sorry, I just had to say that:P
I actually liked how you handled the last row of panels with her expressions to each of them. Very clever.
This page is AWESOME! Just wanted to let you know:)
@SomiJuli: Yay I'm glad it's realistic! I want it to be a story you could imagine it happening in real life...although the plot's a little far-fetched. But I've felt like this at times too.
Wow it's so cool how you did that panel by panel. I can imagine the bg music going from happy flute music to screechy violin music lol.
Awwww. Fairy gardens remind me of my childhood too! There was an island and in the woods everyone would make fairy houses. So pretty!
Photoshop or not, it's so pretty!! And I'm so proud I can understand that and what BOOISL33T is asking! I learned some things from Japanese class at least:)
hahaha...elusive sunshine...