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'gripping the cane'? yeah right...
Staying up real late HAS a purpose!
Strip poker!
Hit her with a Smelly Old Fish!
Dude, you are a dude.
I thought is was all a dream... thank god not.
Why did I discover this gem of a comic only yesterday.. Keep the wonderful, marvellous work up!
I hope he gets run over and dies.
maybe is just not into sex with strangers... Could still be gay only does it with boyfriends. Please?
He probably forgot about Desta, but that don't matter, this guy is way better anyway. He's looking cute!
It's over! I feel sad... Make another awsome comic? Or two? Three? Please.
Oh no, you didn't.
Gawd, just do each other! We all know you want to.
Awh, don't stress yourself out! We can wait a day or two! Take it easy, we'll wait. This comic musn't be a pain, so try to relax, we understand.
There's a spelling mistake. He says 'which' but I guess you mean 'wish'.
Brain tumor for the win.
Hard rain's gonna fall baby...
I love your comic! I read all the pages and it's like 3 a.m but I just couldn't stop reading!