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Aly K. Sasagawa (also known by the online alias of Ruina) graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. Post-graduation, she decided that she’d rather draw comics than continue pursuing the sciences. Circumstances permitting, she’s been drawing while also working as a Japanese-English translator. She spends an unhealthy amount of time sleeping and daydreaming, and enjoys drinking tea and the company of her dogs Kosuke and Sakura(rest in peace buddy, rest in peace baby, we love you always).
@Whiteink: Wow, thanks! I hardly update it though, so it's understandable that no one comes, and I'd like to rewrite/redraw it to be honest. :/a
Nothing new, just a bunch of AAAGGHH!!
TWC is a fanart I made of Skyward Sword.

If you visited me at Anime Expo, thank you so much! (Thank you Kiichi~ <3 ) I'm sorry the updates are still not back yet... I honestly don't know why some of you still come here, I love you guys. Thank you so much for being a part of this project! :)
As mentioned on Facebook, I'm so sorry this semi-hiatus REALLY turned into a hiatus! :( The hiatus will continue until after Anime Expo (I will be attending the Artists Alley! I'll post my table number when I get it on the tagboard, FB, twitter, etc. This way, if you're attending AX too, you can tell me all about my horrible update schedule face to face :) )

TWC is a preview of my illustration in the Kingdom Carousel charity artbook project ( ) (pre-order ends May 10th!)
@Minty: It's currently on hiatus. :( I know for sure that I won't be updating in March as I have my hands full with things to juggle all month. I'm hoping for a page in April, but even then I doubt I'd be updating regularly yet.
Will Elthee be able to propel themselves out of the lake? And with this page, I'm very sorry to announce that I'll be putting this comic/manga on yet. Another. Hiatus. Or rather, the page updates will go from weekly to irregular/sporadic, which I believe is basically "Hiatus" in webcomic lingo. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and I concluded that taking a step back and taking things slowly may just be for the best at this point in time for me. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project thus far! Each comment means so much to me, and will continue to support me through this project, although the progress will regrettably be slower for a while.
@FireBorg: Ohh, I actually meant Eynord appearing as an obstacle you have to dodge while racing hahaha xD I haven't played much on it yet so I'm not sure if you can drive around on your Miis yet... I'll test it out next time I play it!
@FireBorg: Yowch, that's harsh! Incidentally, you really can see a pink Eynord driving a red convertible if you have the Serenian Century Miis on your 3DS (which I had up as vote incentive a while ago) and play Mario Kart 7! (which is where I got this idea xD )
So... he pops the bubble...?

But more importantly, Eynord is BACK to terrorize the TWC vote incentive page again this Valentine's Week! Please vote and accept his heart-filled invitation!
Rise and shine Elthee. Now go help Lionel!

Voting incentive for TWC this week is some hot chocolate! :D
Drowning back to the present... TWC Vote Incentive ( ) is a doodle I made last week, which I decided to add more to and turned it into a color explosion. I'm also holding a discount sales of artist's alley goods I sold in 2006-2008, which you can learn more about here ( ) !
@FireBorg: LOOOOOL That would be really funny if it was Beyll. Imagine him telling Lionel "It is my greatest curse that I care so much about you, Lionel!" that sounds really BL hahaha.
@coolkidrox123: Oh wow, thank you so much! ;A;
More baby and not-so-mysterious people.

TWC Vote Incentive ( ) is an anti-SOPA/PIPA piece I made yesterday. End Piracy. Not Freedom of Expression. Not Potential to Innovate. And according to today's news, voting for these bills has been postponed! ( eid-announces/2012/01/20/gIQApRWVDQ_blog.html )
It's a BABAH! No new vote incentive again this week, though thank you so much to readers who have been voting anyway!
New chapter!
Hi Beyll, so what have you been up to while Lionel and Elthee have been running for their dear lives?

And Happy 2012 dearies~!
Hope your holidays were awesome (at least better than mine, I got sick on Christmas day and was basically ill through New Year's Day woooo).

No new vote incentive this week.
And this concludes Chapter 2! TWC incentive is a work in progress of an illustration of Nimue. In other news, Serenian Century is now on Facebook ( ) ! Plus, a commissioned manga project I was working on for most of this year, entitled "Ink Ribbon," is available on Graphicly now ( ) ! Go check them out! :D
And Lionel loses his swim support.

TWC incentive is a bunch of Miis I made on my 3DS of the cast! It comes with QR codes if anyone wants them running around on their 3DS too! It was a very fun exercise for me to really think about each character's facial features, even more so since the choices I have in Mii Maker is somewhat limited.
@FireBorg: Aww, that's almost really fitting for Elthee since he hates sweets. xD

And thank you! I had a lot of fun making that contribution piece. :)
Insert sense of impending doom.

TWC incentive is my contribution to the GAIA: vim naturae charity artbook project!, which can now be ordered through Lulu:
@FireBorg: Thank you! ;o; And I love that video, I can't help myself from keeping hitting replay. xD