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Well I like video games. And comics, and anime and such. I'm kind of nerdy, I guess. If you saw me in person I'd be a totally different person, you'd be lucky if you heard me have an actual conversation. If I like you, however, I'll open up. Blah blah, etc.
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    Kyle Artan
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el oh el.
Paint is the only thing I draw with. If I had Photoshop I wouldn't know what to do with all the power. I might go crazy.
Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE. When was this made? Was it inspired by my "buttsex" hidden imagery or am I just being a little too hopeful and this was made before you saw mine, or it was made after and has nothing to do with mine. Either way, a good laugh. HARDCORE.
Ye ask and ye shall recieve. Just don't expect rapid updates, I tend not to think these out, they just come to me once in a while.