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Sotelo is a professional writer, freelance writer, fake writer, and a failed writer. He hopes to someday be a writer. And a velociraptor. He grew up in Jacksonville, FL and has lived in Arizona, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.
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It's been a while since my last update. Hope this makes up for it.
"The Knack" wrote "My Sharona... in case you were wondering.
Promotional Poster
The site needed more promotional materials, so I added this piece. Stay tuned for issue 2, coming soon.
Next Issue...
The next issue of Bunker Street will begin sometime in late July or early August. There are some other side-projects which I want to attend to first. I hope you enjoyed this premiere issue. This was mostly an experiment for me. Next time, the art, writing, and pacing will improve greatly. So join Yeshua as he discovers the mind and soul of the city in Bunker Street, Issue 2: "Church and State of Madness."
Stay tuned for the conclusion to issue 1 next week.
Don't forget, if you're interested in this comic please favorite. If you have an opinion, please comment or rate.
Oh we've all been there. Glad to see something new up.
Only 6 pages in and I'm already enthralled. Fav.
Insultingly effective. Now that's a great phrase I shall be using in real situations.
That's what a steampunk ship should look like. So much detail.
I like the switch to black-and-white for this page. I'd smoke a pipe in battle.
Nyah, schlump, munch, gulp.
Time for a Gerard Butler joke: This... is... OPERA!

I like the horse.
whoa, screaming butterfly.
April 11th, 2009
i wish i had that ability.
Hang on a minute? The suspense kills me.
this made my day
finally, a character we can all relate to.