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I seriously cried. I grow up with this comic literally. I remember when it was updates every Tuesday and Thursdays. I was 11 when it came out. I forgot how i got there. I love the Angel Island Fight the best. Well this is it i suppose. Goodbye comic, I'll miss you.
the end
last comment on this webcomic. So long Mario Vs. Sonic Vs. Mega man, been a fun 4 and a half years. I grow up with this comic. Back then I always check it every tuesday and thursday, etc.
Aw i grow up reading this comic! I'm gonna miss this. DHK? Are you still gonna make Specials for Halloween, Christmas etc.? Even though this is not the last page but still...
to be the best.
@Acrosurge and DHK not in Sonic 4 Super sonic can breath in Sonic 4
It probably is. Mario, Sonic, & Mega man never back down from a good fight.
@RedJac alot worse than wario i bet XD
what is that bean-like thing is the last panel (for those of u its hard to see its by ballade's head)
first comment
Lol i remember u pick lakitu 1st for the commentator & u fired him i think he wants revenge on u don't let ur guards down
yay! first comment!
i wonder where shadow gone now? he always popping in/out of the battle oh u should do a halloween issue!
Spongebob reference
Patrick: Kicking? I wanna do some kicking!
Kicks Sandy's butt
Sandy: why u why i outa
fights outside aquard silence
Patrick: Whoever the owner of the white Sedan you left ur lights on.
Patrick got the trumpet on his neck every step is a trumpet noise last sound is long due to breathing
point of view
well if wily did lied they will probably come bck and kick his ass but on the other hand if he did not lie i think the the probability of knux winning is 1 out of 9 so tht's a good chance of winning note i am bad at math
proto man team
shadow,knuckles tail, rouge, silver, blaze, and amy
yea... it about time u showed up luiginew mario vs sonic at the last fight how about that?
well mario vs sonic
well if x and zero megaman is out so it just mario vs sonic
leaf shield