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I came back!
Hi! I've been reading RPS for ages now, but I've kept a little break from reading comics lately... Anyhow, since you said you'd like people to comment, here goes:
I just love the story, I would have never imagined it would go like this and that's what makes it so interesting to follow - your path of thought is all fresh and new to me :D I should draw you some fanart again... I'm really looking forward for the rest of this! Keep it up! :D
Better late than never...
... To comment I mean. I've been following RPS for a loooong time, and if I remember right, it just might have been the first comic I ever favourited (is that even a word?)here. And it's been my number one favourite ever since :D
I really love the plot, it's been so much more and so much deeper than what I would have ever expected - to be honest, I didn't really think that you'd actually get this far, people who do are so rare :O You've done a brilliant work and I can't wait to see where the story goes, and so I'm always really happy to see that you've updated :D I've been meaning to do some fan art for ages now (ever since I saw the commission done by ran-sama and found this comic)and I hope I'll be able to pull it off during the spring! If it's the comments that keep you going, I'll try to be a little more active from now on. And the story seems to be getting more and more interesting, so I doubt that I'd be able not to comment anyway :'D I love your style, and the banner is SO AWESOME >:D It gives the whole comic a mysterious feeling!
So, I just wanted to say this all, keep up the good work!
:D!!!! (I'm out of smart words, but to put it bluntly, I'm glad this continues :'D )