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Hey. I'm Dave, from Scotland. I'm into guitars, running, games and,well, webcomics. I got into the whole web-comics mainly mainly from Ctrl+Alt+Del (amazing webcomic. If you haven't read it, do!) and I've been hooked ever since. Smack Jeeves is where I put my crazy ideas, really. Most of them suck, I know, but I'm working on something good with some friends. I'll be posting it soon...
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    'Dozy Dave' Mac
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Pretty good
Nice stuff. Just one little nit-picky, though. Five 'men'? Is it supposed to be five 'min' or am I being stupid? (probabley the second one...)
Amazing artwork. Puts mine to shame, really...
You DO know what the translation for feuer frei is like right? #shudders#
Love the comic! Showed it to some friends, too!
There's always a 'Big Red Button', eh?
Good stuff, though...