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I like sonic, megaman, kingdom hearts, playstation,dbz, and a lot of other stuff.
I hate the pokemon tv show, turkey stuffing, and other stuff.
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One of my favorites
I miss this series
And once again, I exist
I still find it funny that I randomly come here. It's a little sad in a way to realize that this is a place I used to visit every day. And now I barely visit once a year.
I miss my careBear launcher
And once again, I exist
I see this comic hasn't changed one bit
I was still in high school last update
Holy crap, I remember being one of the top commenters for this series. Trying to convince my Bros. To read this. Laughing hysterically in my computer class at Bass having the GUN do the chicken dance. Megaman being confused when the GUN tried to use him as a hostage while fighting Emerl. Quint threatening to shoot Sonic and Sonic actually backing down. And SuperMegaHedgehog
Oh damn
Do you people have any idea how long this page took to load.
(So I'm like half a year late, so what)
Scientist? It's amazing he can even read!?
He's coming on to him isn't he!
Forever one of my favorite comics
Waaaaaay to hilarious
He should just say: Chips what Chips!?
It looks like a-
*Puts on sun glasses*
Shocking Defeat!
Guess who's back!?
Now where'd I put my Grenade Launcher?
Electric finger of doom? I'm gonna use that move when I become a doctor....a prostate doctor
Elect chips tend to suck againts electric characters
Bass: R-Really?
TJ: Yeah kick his ass Nappa
Put my money on Magnetman!