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I'm just your average asian with ms paint. :B
Sorry no colors... Probably nest page. :P
hehe. ^ ^ thank you.
I was(& still am)thinking how to draw the next page and I just couldn't think of anything...well I do know the plot and stuff but... just don't know how to set it up


So here's Honey boy Collin.I was orginally gonna make him a blondie with blue eyes but I didn't really like it. So brunette is the way to go. lol

Sorry for the filler. =__="
Boring page = Boring coloring. XP
Yeah. I really don't know what to say about this one.

Gaahh. So demanding, she's too nice. >.<
Oh my. If I had a scarf with a face in real life, I would be freak out lol. :)
What? New chapter already?
Yeah, that's the sky in the first panel...
ugh. This page is so boring. No words, boo! >:P
Ok, last one for today. I'm starting to get lazy. ^ ^"
The only will power that is making me update is my half-a** drawings. QAQ I'm sorry... if I gave it my all I would be "F**k this shit."

so sorry, that you have to go through with my doodles...
Idk, but I like to write "Author's comment"
Just because when I read comics on SJ I like to read the
author's comments while reading it....Is that strange??

Oh well. =u=
If you can recognize Carter yet, just remember he got thick eyebrows (he's the only character that far)

GRAMMAR MISTAKE!: Carter actually said "...You want me to go out with your sis?"
Yeah... I don't know why Eliza have only one mitten on. .....oh well.
That's Carter by the way, if you didn't recognize him...

Like omg! I hate the "new" MS paint(window 7)
it's doesn't let me color properly with dark colors. T ^ T
I guess I gotta use photoshop if I wanna color. >:P
You can tell I got hellaaaaaaa lazy on the last panel =L=

.... oh well.
Yeah.... He said something but I don't wanna exposed it til later. /trollface
Sorry. no color...
got laaaaaaazy at the time. =L=