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Next up, my favorite scene! X3

Nybbas is constantly pointing out the oddity of Isa's calm demeanor. ^^;
Of all the things to comment about, Isa, you worry about the shoes? =.=
This page was a bore and killed my internet. Went to upload it and the internet died. O_o

Thanks, comic page.
I need more variety in the tones. =.= And to continue toning backgrounds like I did in Nybbas's last panel.
Note to self : Don't ink in bubbles for future pages. =___= It makes toning all the more difficult.
She's what you would call a girl, Malphas. =__= What a naive little demon.

A little something before the story gets started.
It wasn't what I intended when I started to tone it, but it became it's own thing. My drawings have minds of their own!! @__@

She's sitting on a cloud. Because when I think about falling asleep, the best place to do it would be a cloud, no? And the tone is too overwhelming, I think. =__= The rest won't be so dangerous to the eyes. Promise.
Here's the low-down
This page is a crack one. XD Kind of give the audience a preview of what to expect from the characters.


I can't promise how often I can update. My goal is one page a week, but we'll see if I can actually do that.

The thing is, I do my drawing and toning all by hand which takes a while (having to sketch, ink it, erase unneeded pencil lines, cut each tone, etc. You get the picture).

Here goes, smackjeeves and readers. Cheers to a new experience!