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Yo Yo.

I guess I'll say a little bit about myself.
so here we go.

I don't like my real name so I prefer to be called Sozaku (or Soza).
I love to draw (with pen and ink) and I normally use watercolor and or copic markers to color my works.
Aside from art I'm extremely in love with music <3 (feel free to pm me if you are a music lover too cause I love all kinds ^^)

I know I don't have any art/comics up right now but I'm planning on right now. Only problem is I'm a HUGE procrastinator and my college life promotes that.
I also have a hard time getting things started but I will be hopefully drawing up my comic soon.

Okay I'm rambling if you ever want to talk or anything feel free to PM long as its not spam....kthxbai :D
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I never noticed thad only had one arm.....=_=*fail*
Jessie in James in the new black and White series are super bad ass >> its kind of weird
oooo pikachus my best character whose playingggg as pikachuuu?
lol this was awesome
*0* I love you <3
LOL you always get me with these things!

unless this is an april fools :(
August 31st, 2009
mmm sunny boobies :D <3<3<3
he shoulda made a crotchshot XD
August 11th, 2009
I'm going to pretend those are that chickens nipples D:<
Moar please!
good boys now just get naked :3~~ <3
LOL "Did he hit you?" You never fail to make me laugh <3 even on bad days
Lucid loves to tease D:!
lol his face I have a box that has the face on it...I wear it around my dorms LOL
OMG...Well I didn't see this are a mastermind at plot twists...*mindblown* lol

*takes monday and runs away with him* KTHX!
Okay so heres my attempt at toning. Hopefully I'll get better at it...I just realized I forgot something but I'm too tired to fix it right now so I'll do it tomorrow (i forgot the door bell ring)

Hope you likes it D:

So you may have noticed I've erased all the previous pages (lol all 2 of them) because I'm redrawing it and adding a few more pages to the beginning.
Pg 1 should be finished...soon...D:! unless something happens this weekend TAT

Well..>< hope you all enjoy whats soon to come!

Oh and I'm messing around with the layout of the site. Suggestions are welcome. I haven't designed website layouts since middle school O_O.

I Love You
I didn't think this comic could be anymore epic....and then I saw your new Banner....

Will you Marry me...?
most epic drawing of link ever.
April 28th, 2009
hehehehe alex is wagging his cute little tail <3

If i had a penis i would talk to it all the time. True Story