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September 17th, 2013
Ugh, I'm like that. I can't keep my straight face to save my life. The stupidest shit, too.
Too Many Words
I think this conversation may have resulted from a fundamental misunderstanding, on her part, of human psychology, and a difference in definition of terms between the two of you. The psychology bit is long-winded and unnecessary, so I will forgo it in favor of the more concise (and I think more useful) explanation of where I think the misunderstanding took place.
It seems to me, from reading this very brief exchange in comic form, that her definition of 'religious' centers mostly around the three Judeo-Christian religions and assumes a fundamentalist belief in a holy book and that holy book is opposed to homosexuality. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that your definition of religion is closer to spirituality, or simply a belief in a god or higher being, holy book optional. From a stance of spirituality, a belief in a god does not hinge upon anything other than personal faith. Since there is no exclusionary dogma to follow, there is no need for justification. From a fundamentalist point of view, her point of view, it is impossible to be 'gay and religious' because that would mean excluding yourself from your own beliefs. In the case of Christianity, damning yourself to eternal Hellfire (this, of course, is not in the bible but we are going with common conception(as opposed to immaculate (Ba-ZING!))). But even if you DID feel the need to take part in an exclusionary dogma it is a simple thing to justify. Rationalization is humanity's special ability.
What I think she SHOULD have said is something along the lines of "Gays should not participate in organized religion because those religions make a point of excluding those gay people." But even this is an oversimplification of religion. Practiced religion changes regularly to reflect developing culture and anyone can interpret any holy book in anyway they like.
So you are right if you believe that you can be gay AND be religious. Neither is mutually exclusive. And even if the people tell you their religion doesn't allow gays, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is decide that it does and there you go! Religions aren't unbreakable laws. You can pretty much make it up as you go.
If you read all this, thank you for indulging me.
Seriously. This is the best thing of all the things.
Ooo gurl. I'm excited.
Pandas, much like turtles, are natures D students. Only far less useful.
Fuck their opinions. Do it.
And even if it isn't what you want, so what? You know what the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is? Two weeks.
Aw dip.
How's he going to play volleyball now?
I've got a wee buzz.
@Lesbian Comics: I am aware of the difference between sexual and gender identity. And also that at some point the difference becomes completely subjective and difficult to pin down with science (ask any psychologist). However, the original comment was meant to be semantic word play, but now that you bring it up, let's play some more. I am aware that you don't have to be biologically female to identify as lesbian, but by definition a lesbian is a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women. So even if you did gender identify as masculine you would still be a woman and therefore 'chick' -which is a colloquialism that means feminine female(with various connotative attachments)- would STILL be redundant. If you wanted to qualify 'lesbian' to indicate gender identity other colloquialisms like 'fem', 'lipstick', or 'butch' would better identify your gender without being semantically redundant.

*This is based entirely on semantics and fixed definitions. I am not challenging how you identify, just your word usage.
@suphawker: Oh, I just mean that 'lesbian' already implies that you are female, so 'chick' is unnecessary.
Isn't 'Lesbian Chick' redundant?
Unless you're from Lesbos, in which case, carry on.
Oh damn. Is that his grandma? She was foooine.
Oh my gawd. I love everything about this page.
Haha, oh man. What is with humans and getting sick all the time? It's like every other day someone has this or that. Don't you have an immune system?
Challenge Accepted.
Oh damn! Looks impressive. Now I'm all excited.
Ooooooh. It's a boy. Okay.
Hahaha, hm.
I am a little disappoint, but this made me laugh I'll just have to deal with it.
Seeing where this is going and waiting with feigned patience for updates.
You have at least one fan! Do not forget this. >:|
Hearts...I forgot how to make hearts.
Snap! I see that copy of Galapagos! First Elton John and now this? Every time I think I hit the bottom I just keep falling farther in love.
A friend is a friend til the end of the end.
(That's forever.)