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Name's Kyle, I am 21 years old and I am a cartoonist that really likes working on comics, watching cartoons or listening to Music(Metalcore or Nu Metal preferably)
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ah yes, how are you comicboy? Really you are younger than 13? How much longer til you are of age?
hey! I'm glad to see a got plenty of fans enjoying these sorry I don't update that much, cheers! you can see more cartoons at that's where I normally update!
based on my encounter with red on soul silver :(
what forum? :)
im not doing color anymore, it causes me burn outs x_X
done with hiatus, returning with black and white comics, I don't have as much motivation or time for colored/shaded comics currently...
grr! I always do that!!
sorry about the slow update, been working a lot also a little unmotivated lately x_X
ah ok I know what blog you mean, no links? that's odd oh well at least no one can spam ^^
hay Martin you don't have a link for the blog do you?
NAR is now on facebook! become a fan today! :D
hey everyone check out my pokemon fan comic exclusively at my dA page
sure bladerna777 say it as much as you like, but I'm not changing it back ;)
you're right digi300 i changed it a bit to resemble Garfield less! everyone else don't kill me please!
this is gonna be the only other strip with the tall eyes/heads, I have been getting a bit of criticism of it looking to much like Jim Davis style(and I agree) so after the eyes and heads will be more rounded and look a bit more like the style everyone is used to...
shadowblade you sound way more mad than anyone else here! settle down beavis!
new style! what do you think? :)
he's the Mohawk kid
this morning I made the first strip using the new method! I am so eager to show it to you guys, I don't think you're gonna be blown away but I am still excited :D