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A total idiot who's art stinks, but has decided to go into art.

Especially obsessed with video games and manga to the point of not doing homework.

Currently has nothing much... will return with something more someday.
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wow... that was unexpected.
lol... I like Sypher. =D
I lol'd...

I sense impending doom. o3o
*rolls* Yaaaay! 8D

Very dynamic there in the last panel
lol, the Canada line is shiny. But it makes me feel like I'm in another country.

I realize it does. There are so many times, where the alarms are blaring and everyone's just walking around normally as if nothing's wrong.
Woah... small world. Seriously. I completely didn't expect this.

lol, and yes. Burnaby. Home to Metrotown, second biggest mall in Canada. Woot. lol
Hmmm... *stares*

lol, the first panel's the only one that looks wonky. The rest looks perfectly fine to me. :)
@ Sol: Really? You too? And nope, not in Richmond. People know Richmond more than my city. Richmond has a lot of Asian malls... I'm talking about the Metrotown mall.
Huh... really. Well, technically, I don't live there. My grandma does. I live in the neighbouring city. But since it's pretty much off the map (save for the fact that we have a huge mall), we tend to say that we live in Vancouver.
I see improvement with the speechbubbles. 8D

And your desktop layout, KK... Do you live in the same city as me? O_O;
I thought it was a spear at first. That'd be cool. 8D

I like panel 1.

... I can't stop staring at Lulumoon's avatar either. @_@;

The panel layout is interesting. Not bad, just interesting. =)

I like the first panel. =)
Oh noes! Suspense! 8D
My only problem with the plumbing is the fact that it looks too shiny and new, and not gritty enough. I like the tone you used on it for the last panel though.

And I love that water droplet splash. Haha.
Holy crap, this is watercolour? Duuuuude... *is awed*

*sighs* I didn't notice you had other works/collabs... *faithfully follows like the fantard that I am*
Hoo yey! 8D

New page at long last!

I like the teacher's design. And definately the way she slammed open the door. Haha...

Poor guy, his work habits seem exactly like mine. Just managing to scrape by with marks by begging and half-assed last minute homework. Sometimes forgetting there IS homework. Oh well... 8D
'Larc's eyes look a wee bit smaller. o3o;;

XD; That's all I can catch. XD;

Haha, poor Bezel(?)... I wouldn't want to be him, even if it was a close call.

AND YOU FINALLY UPDATED! lol, I'LL FOLLOW THIS COMIC TO THE END OF TIME! Unless you forget about it or something. =\
XD lol, the second last panel is slightly frightening. XD
Haha, that's one clueless brother. =D I like the last panel. =D

Interesting new character. =D